Friday, May 27, 2011

Fictional Considerations

I am contemplating an experiment. You see, since I got back into WoW about two years ago, it's become my main time sink. Time I used to spend writing, I now spend online killing internet dragons and/or role playing. And while I think role playing in WoW has been good for my writing skills in many ways, not writing isn't. Yes, I write on the blog and in the guild forums, but it's not the same thing as writing fiction. Blog writing is good too, but it doesn't work the same muscles as writing a scene or dialogue, a short story or even a piece of fanfic. I need to start flexing those muscles again. Hence, the experiment contemplation.

/deep breath

So... I'm thinking of starting a journal/story vignette based on a toon's adventures. Or something. I know there are bloggers/writers who do this. I've thought about doing so more than once with toons in the past. Thought about it in a passing sort of way, but never found the motivation to go through with it. I'm not talking about switching the blog focus solely to fic, but maybe a once a week thing. Would anyone be interested in the idea? And/or willing to help me stick to a schedule and give me some feedback?




  1. I know what you feel like, I've had the same "issue". To me, my blog really was a kick starter to get back to writing after I had a break (which wasn't due to gaming... I think). But then I realized that I couldn't spend as much time on my blog if I wanted to write something else, so I had to slow my blogging in order to find time and leave some writing power to my other projects. I definitely feel like you should try what you suggest if you want to turn your blogging into some other kind of writing, it sounds like a great way to combine the two styles of writing. I'd definitely be interested in reading it :)

  2. You, m'dear, have (completely and accidentally and through no fault of your own) created a monster within me. I read through the Burning Serenity (which will hereinafter be referred to as Boogie Shoes) charter and although I was initially really intimidated by the RP, um, thing, I got to thinking about it and my brain (as it is generally wont to do) kicked into overdrive.

    Y'see, I have a half hour commute every day. And that half hour commute is Mah Thinkin Timez. During My Thinking Time last night I actually concocted an entire backstory for my worgen spriestess, starting with a young raven-haired Gilnean girl who accidentally killed a mouse with what turned out to be a Shadow Word: Death. Someday soon (yay two day weekend) I will sit down and actually write this thing down. So I'm now having new fun with a new side of WoW thanks to you.

    TL;DR: Yay. Go you. You find that story and you write that sucker into a bloody pulp. You're awesome and inspiring, and you should run with what you're good at.

  3. Hey there!

    I would think there is a definite niche for more role playing blogs or more blogs that stay faithful to one character and their adventures. I think I can count on one hand the number that I've run into and maybe that's because I don't normally keep an eye out for them, but even then that still seems like a small amount.

    I would think if you did it, updated regularly and the posts were good that you might be on to something.

    I would give it a go!

  4. I find that my occasional forays into RP, while they're not the most popular of my posts, are some of my favorite posts to write. They help me codify the stories in my head.

    I've seen folks do it before within a blog, and it works generally well. My only advice is to try to make each post a self-contained story, and not just fragments of one that you're tossing out because of a deadline. *Write* on the deadline, don't *publish* on it. It's much more satisfying as a reader to look at something and say, that was a good short story or chapter, than to say, I got my fix this week but it didn't really go anywhere.

    Good luck! I look forward to it!